Professionalization in Information Technology.

The Professionalization of Technologists in Computer Science by Collegium Ovirium is to give the graduate of Information Technology the possibility o complete a cycle of study that will convert him/her into Computer Science Engineers. Such cycle goes into complimenting the acquired knowledge in the field of technology and form him/her integrally as a professional in design, programming, management of systems with communicative competence, human dimension, ethic compromise, intellectual autonomy, investigative spirit and solid knowledge destined to satisfy social, economic, necessities, likewise sustainable demands for the country in the area of knowledge. For example Argentina has more than 20,000 posts in IT occupied by people who are not professional. Projected worldwide in the fast growing rate of technological development means that the planet is in need of at least 20,000,000 professionals in IT. Information Technology will go deep into the innermost part of the society. We are heading towards technological colonialism. Most machines bought in the third world are acquired programmed and only administered by the customers. A typical example is the Data Centre where installation is done key on hand while employees of the companies just switch off and on for keeping. Professionals should be able to design their won Data Centre. The quality of Education has fallen world wide, Academic Institutions have been politicized, there is no reward for effort nor desire to acquire knowledge, in many cases students pass through the Universities without examination. Today a good education is paid for with money and it is of high cost because of the investment institutions make to set up a space for education. Some Professionals in the USA; India, Columbia have taken the advantage of the Information Highway to provide quality education through e-education, we belong to the group This project will professionalize all technical personal in Electronics and Computer Science. We adopt the policy of Atlantic International University Hawaii that proposes Andragouge. We take your work experience as credit and lecture you to lift up your academic level. Professionalization is a social process by which a trade or occupation transforms itself into a real profession of the highest integrity and competence. This project involves acceptable professional qualification that supervise the process. This project recommends professionalizing the technical team instead of replacing them. Adam Smith said he supports professionalization because he believes it contributes positively to a society. The General Cycle of the program is to produce Computer Science Engineers emphasizing on the System of Information in the small and middle scale industries.

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Purpose of the Formation

From the acquired technological training, it is desired to complement the integral formation of professionals for the design and use of the system of information and Information and Telemetric tool to increase productivity of the companies and social organizations With the knowledge to be acquired in the cycle of Technological formation y its complement in the professional cycle, new proposals of enterprising will be generated , likewise best use of technology that will fundamentally be useful for the development of small and medium scale industries and those organization destined to social services through researches that employ both theory and practice. To develop complementary formative process to the technological cycle that allows the employment of working methods for use the Systems and Information Technology that are more adequate tactical an strategic running of organizations.
Axis of formation:
Communicative competence.
Administration and Management.

The Professional Cycle of Technologists in Computer Science from Collegium Ovirium is carried out through e-learning..

Level of Studying

This program contains five levels.

When a student compete the first 3 levels, he/she will be awarded Bachelor of Science in Technology. Upon completing the five levels, the student will be awarded Magister in Science in Computer Science, Information Technology o Electronics Technology.


This academic program will form professionals in technology in a very integral form to enable them design and use Computer Technology with all the tools available in IT making best use of them. The goal of our graduate is to go enterprising. This is for those interested in forming themselves professionally in the field of IT and Applied Electronics (Industrial). Especially those who are working and have no time for the orthodox education system.


A graduate from this type of education has wide range of possibilities of work because of the contents of the curricula and the guidance of experienced professionals in the Academic Council. You have this opportunity through e-learning.

Study Method

We supply the student with materials for each subject in the order we set and also questions to answer and exercises to resolve. The Tutors will help guide the students. After all the questions are answered and the Tutors approve them, the student scores C or 4. Then an examination date will be set for the subject, the student will stand before a webcam to answer Member of the Academic Council examine him/her. The fluency and accuracy of answers will rate the student A or B. Oral examinations can be in English or Spanish, the student chose the language to answer with. For Students from the Spanish Speaking world, credits will be given to those who answer in English.

See this link for the flow chart of Student’s works.